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Terrafirma cruise control kits


The electronic cruise control Kits are available for 2002-2007 Defender Td5 and the newest 2007 on Defender Td4.


Functions are controlled by two buttons. The speed is adjusted using the SET button. When this button is held down, the Defender accelerates; when it is released, the Defender maintains the current speed.


The second button, RESET/RESUME has two functions. If cruise control is active, pressing RESET/RESUME deactivates it. When it is pressed again, the most recently stored speed is recalled, and the Defender gradually accelerates automatically until this speed is reached.


Cruise control is also deactivated when the brakes or clutch are used. Cruise control can generally be used at speeds of 45 km/h and above.

TFCCKTerrafirma cruise control kit - Defender Td5 2002-2007
TFCCK07Terrafirma cruise control kit - Defender Td4 2007- on 

Terrafirma cruise control kit - Defender TD5 1998 to 2007

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