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Green Cotton High Performance Air Filters

Green Cotton Air Filters are one of the best on the market, designed and developed from supplying premium cotton air filters to the motorsport industry.
These Air filters are 100% serviceable while filtering
dirt and moisture particles down to 5 microns. Higher airflow increases engine efficiency, throttle response, horsepower and torque. The experience gained has promoted Green Cotton Filters to becoming Europe’s largest cotton air filter  manufacturer.

Ionic Charge = Powerful Performance

Green High Performance Air Filters come pretreated with a specially-formulated dirt trapping oil. This oil creates a positive (+) magnetic charge, or ionic bond, with the filter’s stainless steel mesh. The positive charge attracts the negatively (-) charged dust particles entering the filter, causing them to cling to the steel mesh and allowing the cotton to remain clear for maximum air flow.

Precision Production

Other filters use a simple pressure-moulded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the interior components. That method saves manufacturing time, but in the process a considerable amount of rubber can seep onto the filtering surface. While it may not look like much, that spill-over rubber can restrict as much as 25% of the intended air flow. Green, on the other hand, uses a timeconsuming, and costlier, 4-step production process which virtually eliminate. seepage, and maintains a maximum air flow through the filter.


The most important aspect of any product is its construction and this is where Green Cotton Air Filters are head and shoulders above the competition. Green Filters are synonymous with motor sport and motor racing and so they have simply used their experience to produce their roadgoing
air filter range.

Deep pleats in the double layered cotton gauze ensure there is a 10-20% increase in surface area to draw more air into the engine. The double layered cotton gauze is made up of a medium and fine layer to trap and hold dirt, dust and moisture particles as small as 5 microns. The gauze is held in place by a strong, fine, mesh that allows the filter to perform a perfect job. The moulded flexible rubber base offers an airtight seal and also absorbs vibration. It can also expand and contract to fit in-between sizes and help the filter maintain its form and shape.

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